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These are some of the tools I use on a regular basis - many of them daily! and most at least weekly. Affiliate links are marked with an asterisk (*), but rest assured that I only recommend products and services if (1) I've used it for at least 3 months, and (2) I'm VERY happy with it and would recommend it to someone else. Some things I may not use myself simply because I don't need them or they're not a good fit for me personally, but I would recommend for someone else. 

Software and Services

  • Notion: ahhh, Notion. My landing pad, my digital brain, resource library, organizer, collection basket. I am only scratching the surface even after 3+ years working in the software, but this year am really doubling down on learning more and better ways to use it - including their AI integration.

  • *AirTable: User-friendly database building. If you've ever grown frustrated with Google Sheets' inability to cross-reference without complex formulas, or Notion's rather basic, even clunky tables and databases (despite their reputation), or torn your hair out with Microsoft Access, you might love AirTable. I do. It can calculate, cross-reference, create relations between tables, hold multiple views, and so much more that I'm still learning. 

  • Zoom: while I love Zoom, it's grown bigger than I need, so I'm transitioning away from it to Butter. However, I'm new to Butter (which I picked up for a lifetime deal on AppSumo for just $49) so am sticking with Zoom a few more months to keep my students and clients in a familiar platform until I'm ready to switch.

  • *ClickUp: project management software, time tracking, task organization. Some would say it rivals Notion for an all-in-one "base camp". However, I find they do different things well -- ClickUp's native integration to Google Calendar, for instance, makes it better for me in terms of sending tasks and reminders directly to my calendar without needing an integration software (e.g. Zapier). 

  • JotForm: this has absolutely replaced all the other "form" software, e.g. Typeform, Google Form, etc etc. for me - primarily because it integrates natively with AirTable, which means with a few clicks and checks I can ship data direct from a JotForm to an AirTable base. Can I create forms in AirTable? Yes, I can. Can I make them as useful and intuitive as I can in JotForm? No, I can't. Even their free plan (5 forms) is plenty powerful for me at this point. 

  • Affinity Designer: where everyone's headed, post-Adobe, to skip the subscription model. Super powerful, professional-level software to replace Illustrator and Photoshop; and lifetime payment, with minor payments for (optional) upgrades. While they've moved on to V2, I'm still perfectly happy designing in the original. 

  • *Wise (formerly TransferWise): I spent most of my late mid-20s into my 30s travelling abroad, and then moved from Canada to the US. Wise has been a mainstay since I first came across it (as TransferWise) so many years ago I can't even find my welcome email to check! It's got the lowest fees and quickest transfer rates, never mind being one of the most straightforward and easiest tools to use. I keep both my Canadian and US accounts connected and can easily shop money back and forth between the two. 
  • *Mercari: this online used-goods (mostly) marketplace has kept me afloat in some of my leanest months. By creating solid assurances for both buyers and sellers, a good ratings/review system, and easy payment and product set-up systems, it's become one of the leading AND least shady ways to sell online. (Buh-bye, Craigslist!). 

Merchandise and Clothing

  • *Xero shoes: I got turned onto barefoot running some years ago, and while I'm not running much these days owing to a healing ankle sprain and plantar fasciitis, I LOVE my Xero shoes. They've lasted me well over 2 years of abuse and show little sign of wearing down. 
  • (More to come, including Ariat boots, Fristad pants, and more). 


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