Science-based regenerative systems? CHECK.

Why, hello there.

I am Susan Cousineau, and I am a farmer, scientist, systems-thinker, and strategist.

With my biologist husband Laine MacTague, I help individuals and families design eco-friendly, health-centric landscapes and home systems to face an uncertain future.

Our experiences and training in permaculture and regenerative agriculture design have fueled our lifelong passions for movement-based, wildlife-friendly habitats for wild things human and otherwise.

(Need to know a little bit more about me, who I help, and how I help them.... and how I can help you, too? Then head on over here).

Check out our current offerings, and feel free to reach out if you don't see what you're looking for but think you might want to work together. We look forward to meeting you!

Available Products

Building Your Scientific PAUSE Button

A 60-minute webinar with Q&A where I walk you step-by-step through my process, developed over 20 years in academia, research and science communication, to better discern if what you're reading is fluff or fact. 

Initial Property Consult (On Site)

Concerned about drought and water shortage, soil health, your family's health, food security, and ecological changes in the face of climate change? Find out how we can help you navigate in these challenging times, and take clear, actionable steps forward to a more resilient, environmentally-friendly future.

Circle Calendar: Templates and Instructions Included

Create a customized, seasonal and repeatable calendar to keep on top of the most important events throughout the year: quarterly, seasonal planning for gardens, livestock, construction and business.

Life Design Workbook

Do you struggle with getting clear on what you really want and where you want to go in life? I created this short workbook based on over 6 years of working in holistic life design, with mentors and then with my own clients, to get clarity, direction and calm in times of overwhelm.

15 Principles Business Card Designs

15 permaculture design principles that can be imported or uploaded to online design companies such as Moo, Canva or Vistaprint. Simply add your business name and contact info to share the knowledge while you advertise your work. 

The Farm Ecologist Gift Certificate

Not sure what to get, but like what we do?
Stuck on what to get that special zero-waste, super-DIYer, grows-their-own-everything on your gift list?

Grab them a handy gift certificate! 2 year expiry from date of purchase, valid for any product in The Farm Ecologist shop online during that time. Can be used in whole or in part, or as partial payment.

Fillable Farmsitter Manual

An editable Google Doc template that organizes *all* the details and information needed for farm owners to take time away, knowing their place and livestock are properly looked after. It's also a great resource for farm sitters to share with their clients to ensure they have all the information they'll need, under any circumstance.

Emails Forever with ChatGPT-4

Looking for content prompts, tired of the same old generic stuff? In under an hour I used ChatGPT-4 to generate a year's worth of reusable content prompts based on nature, ecology, farming, gardening, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ and mental health themes. Totally customizable or use the prompts as they are for your own audience.

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