Why, hello there.

I am Susan Cousineau, and I am a farmer, scientist, systems-thinker, and strategist. I'm also a horse person, a writer, mother, partner. Increasingly I am discovering a desire to work in these areas more deeply. 

My experiences and training in permaculture and regenerative agriculture design have fueled a lifelong passion for movement-based, wildlife-friendly habitats for wild things, human and otherwise.

I'm currently full up on work in the realms of permaculture and regenerative agriculture (hooray!), and taking some time out to pasture to refine and pivot my online offering.

If you're interested in working with me in the realm of land design and permaculture, join the next Oregon State University PD-PRO course(Use code SCPerm to get a 5% discount when you register.)


Got questions, or want to connect with me more directly?

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