Circular Calendar Template & Directions

A large part of our work in shifting towards a regenerative paradigm is remembering, relearning, and embodying how we are embedded within living systems. When I think of the mainstream calendars that structure our lives, most of them don't enable us to ground into the changing nature of the ecosystems around us, and allow that to shape our lives.

What if you could design a calendar that grounds you into the circular nature of seasonality and that which matters most to you?

This first beta playshop was a 90-minute live session where we discussed how to create a circular calendar that works for you and the cycles within your life, whether they involve gardening, livestock rearing, school, business, or other aspects.

This is a living, breathing work in progress, so I would love to hear from you how you personally plan to use and adapt the circular calendar concept, and any changes I can make to improve the templates, instructions or additional resources.

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Circular Calendar Downloads

Make your own circular calendar for 2022! This is the DIY version; simply print the PDFs, trace and cut out your wheels, fill in with your own information, and you're ready to go for the year ahead.

Additional Resources

These are additional calendars and schedules you may find useful when making your own calendar.

Feel free to suggest others that you'd like to see added!

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