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California vineyard with holistic management

  • Have you completed a design certificate, a regenerative training, or a college program, and now you know you want to make your way in regenerative agriculture... but aren't sure where to go or who to talk to next?
  • Do you want to build a business or find a career that enables you to work in the field, but don't trust (or just plain don't like!) the hustle culture, business-as-usual offerings you see in the world... and you can't just intern, volunteer, or work 85 hours a week to get your foot in the door?
  • Are you feeling excited by possibilities, but wanting to find your own particular path forward rather than just becoming another permaculture designer or yet another consultant?

If you're looking to connect with people who are living and breathing their way into a new, ecologically centric and biologically grounded worldview... then come join us. 

Who it's for: 

This is created for people who...

  • are either looking to or have already completed a permaculture design certificate, holistic management training, or other training in permaculture or regenerative agriculture,
  • are in an academic space (or have spent time there and transitioned away) and 'get' that particular world,
  • are looking to work in a physical space in a more holistic and ecologically informed way than "just designing",
  • and are seeking a deeper connection to colleagues, mentors, and peers.

The Farm Ecologist was born of a desire to serve a growing need for clear, evidence-based answers.

My goal is that within 3 months in this space, you will have found, activated, discovered, or created an opportunity that lights you up and gets you moving forward on your journey. 

So... what is it?

It's what happens when science meets farming, in ways that restore soil and water, improve economics for everyone in our food systems, improve animal welfare, and address climate change.

The "physical stuff" (resources, info, etc.) you'll tap into includes:

  • growing library of curated materials based on your questions, specific conversations
  • broad topics including soil, water, energy, context, and livestock
  • links to relevant and vetted resources

The "other stuff" (support, guidance, networking) you'll get include:

  • monthly 30-minute "office hour" calls that are recorded with time stamps and curated, transcribed & edited Q&A
  • biweekly messaging app access where I'll answer your questions within 24 hrs of receipt. You pick the app, I'll respond. (Available for Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Signal, Telegram and Voxer). 
  • a place and a space for you to grow your own knowledge, ground your experience in that of others who have come before you, and
  • a place to feel like you're really contributing to the world instead of spinning your wheels, trying to decide or figure out where to go next.

Many of the resources I provide in the membership are ones I've provided to students and clients (and continue to recommend) over the years. My net is wide, and I capture articles and resources that I and others have noted to be interesting, or helpful and informative within the context of regenerative agriculture, agroecology, and global health.

I work with a growing number of organizations and independent and academic researchers to populate the database with peer-reviewed studies, quality media articles, videos and other resources that 'feed' The Farm Ecologist. Primary topics are in the areas of food, ecology, and health but range into economics, energy, waste management and more.

I share courses created by people I know like and trust, first-dibs on discounts and exclusive mailing list offers, and occasional affiliate links. There are occasional launches when I'm opening up a new offer, but you can always opt out. 

Who it's probably NOT for:

If you're looking for your next guru, you probably won't find them here. I do point to plenty of world-leading experts in their respective fields. I do not uphold any single individual or system as the be-all, end-all. This is a place for a multitude of context-driven answers, and support for you to look "outside for ideas, inside for answers"*.

If you're a purely Western science-oriented person, this probably isn't going to be for you. Same goes if you're not keen to learn from indigenous science and other ways of knowing, including intuition. (And yes, there is plenty of peer-reviewed literature to support these, too!).

If you're a purely (or even heavily) magic- and spiritually-oriented person, this probably isn't going to be your place, either. I'm definitely a foot-in-two-worlds person, but at the end of the day, I'm trained and naturally inclined towards data. That said... there can be plenty of "soft side", holistic, intuitive, and feelings-oriented stuff here for you, too.

Who runs this?

Hi, I'm Susan Cousineau.

I'm an evolutionary agroecologist, a farmer-scientist who returned to farming through the lens of ecological restoration over 10 years ago, after completing a Masters degree in evolutionary ecology (during which I studied genetics, ecology, infectious disease, microbiology, and indigenous plant systems). I look at the world through an agricultural lens. 

🌱A bit about me🌍🔬

My adventures have taken me to the farthest corners of the Earth, from picking up tortoises to saving a drowning parrot, and even collecting zebra poop (yes, you read that right). I've battled Leishmaniasis parasites and had my fair share of wild escapades. And eventually found my way back to farming.

🌿 Today, my work is a fusion of these worlds. What ties it all together is our journey as a species and how we interact with our world, from the tiniest molecular dance to the grand stage of global ecosystems. I now get to be part of a global and growing community dedicated to tackling the complex challenges of our time, from climate change to health, biodiversity, and energy.

📚 What are my credentials, you ask?

Well, I'm an eternal knowledge-hungry sponge. With a Bachelor of Science with First-Class Honors, a Masters in Evolutionary Ecology, and a knack for statistics and ecological modeling, I'm your go-to science enthusiast. I've dabbled in citizen science research, explored the wilds of Western Canada, Costa Rica, the Peruvian Amazon, Europe, and East Africa, and even got my Permaculture Design Certificate in Jordan with the rather well-known Geoff Lawton. I'm a lifelong learner with a side of business savvy. Over nearly 20 years, I've collected thousands of papers related to sustainability, agroecology, and permaculture. During this time, more and more people keep coming to me looking for scientific literature related to how we grow our food, heal our planet, and live better, more simply, and with better health. 

🌈 In recent years, I've embraced a more trauma- and neurodivergence-informed approach. 

🍽️Fun fact: Despite globetrotting and indulging in exotic dishes like roasted thymus glands and grilled beetle larvae, I was once a picky eater as a kid. My best friend thought I'd starve during my travels, but look at me now!

🔍 As if that wasn't enough, I once spent many hours of my life deciphering aquatic beetle species – by comparing their penises! Yes, size AND shape do matter in the insect world.

So, whether I'm diving into ecological mysteries, helping land-based humans thrive, or simply savoring the quirks of life, I'm your science-savvy, nature-loving guide on this incredible journey through our wondrous world. 🌿🌍 #LifeOfAnEcoExplorer

Sound good? 

Let's see you inside then!

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