Regrarians 14-Week Program + 1:1 Consult Intensives

Regrarians 14-Week Program + 1:1 Consult Intensives

Interested in scientifically informed, culturally appropriate, and ecologically relevant land design for your property or land that you manage?

From March 2022 through September 2022, I have openings for two 1-on-1 clients for thorough, step-by-step farm or property planning for resilience and legacy. We work through the Regrarians® Network, using the 14-week Regrarians® Online Program as a guide. This comprehensive program incorporates aspects of permaculture, keyline design, holistic management, agroforestry, and other disciplines into a clear framework.

While "the REX" (our affectionate term for the Regrarians® online training program) is designed as a do-it-yourself farm planning program, it’s also A LOT of material to navigate. Each week there are 4+ hours of webinars, each packed with over 30+ years worth of knowledge, learning, experience and resources.

Having a dedicated person going through it with you guarantees you stay afloat and don’t get lost or overwhelmed, and that you make the most of your precious time and resources.

Many participants take multiple rounds of the REX training program, and that's expected -- but what if you could ensure you'll get focused attention and a real, actionable plan by the end of the FIRST program? 

Through our work together, you'll get: 
- personalized planning through your own systems, or help getting set up in something that works for you*;

dedicated time each week to have your questions answered 1-on-1, at a time that's convenient for you (outside of the REX webinars where you can get additional support as needed);

- support, accountability and guidance to navigate the library of resources available in the Workplace,  including additional courses, trainings, and consultants you'll have access to. 

All this, in addition to the huge value provided through the Regrarians® Workplace community, which now has over 3200 members from around the planet. 

*We especially love Monday, but also are comfortable helping you get set up in Asana, Trello, or just plain ol' Google Calendars -- whatever suits you and how you work best.

Please note: while our consulting services within the Regrarians® Workplace are fully supported and encouraged by Darren Doherty (founder of the Regrarians®, Regrarians® Online Program and other affiliated platforms, trainings and products), for the purposes of lending additional support, encouraging engagement of and completion of the program by members, we do not imply, guarantee or offer additional time with Darren himself or any other individuals connected with Regrarians® other than that available through your membership in the Regrarians® Workplace. 

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